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To What Fans I Have xD

2010-06-26 20:54:08 by SilverBowArts

I am active again!! Oh and Percy and Mack? Gone, dead story. Instead I have stretched the boundaries of my imagination towards a more suitable and *ahem* easier to produce concept. This project will be something I can and will do. the chase. I have set out on conjouring up an animated webcomic. (more or less a comic that plays itself) based around a new form of superhero. (see image below for a subtle but obvious hint)

This I have pledged to create by December, but to be honest it could be done by October.

So until our next venture SilverBowArts fanatics...psssh who am I kidding xD Well anyone whose here to listen please do. I look forward to meeting some new characters on my page after this.

See you in December(October)!

To What Fans I Have xD


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