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Entry #4

Inactivity Seems To Be My Speciality

2010-10-26 19:44:01 by SilverBowArts

Hey guys, I've made a lot of empty promises of animations in the past and its simply down to the fact i get inspiration then something comes up and I end up losing time and track.

Well guess what!? After recently putting up a project from University and recieving good score from it its beaten encouragement into me and I feel I Really must make something new. If I want to improve I have to keep making things.

So something will be coming. Dont know when, but as it comes into view I will pop up some screens and the usual junk to tease you. But please hang on my words because I miss being on here and I'm getting my imaginative groove back in top form.

Hang in there remaining fans! Hang On In There!!

Inactivity Seems To Be My Speciality


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