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Hey guys, I've made a lot of empty promises of animations in the past and its simply down to the fact i get inspiration then something comes up and I end up losing time and track.

Well guess what!? After recently putting up a project from University and recieving good score from it its beaten encouragement into me and I feel I Really must make something new. If I want to improve I have to keep making things.

So something will be coming. Dont know when, but as it comes into view I will pop up some screens and the usual junk to tease you. But please hang on my words because I miss being on here and I'm getting my imaginative groove back in top form.

Hang in there remaining fans! Hang On In There!!

Inactivity Seems To Be My Speciality

To What Fans I Have xD

2010-06-26 20:54:08 by SilverBowArts

I am active again!! Oh and Percy and Mack? Gone, dead story. Instead I have stretched the boundaries of my imagination towards a more suitable and *ahem* easier to produce concept. This project will be something I can and will do. the chase. I have set out on conjouring up an animated webcomic. (more or less a comic that plays itself) based around a new form of superhero. (see image below for a subtle but obvious hint)

This I have pledged to create by December, but to be honest it could be done by October.

So until our next venture SilverBowArts fanatics...psssh who am I kidding xD Well anyone whose here to listen please do. I look forward to meeting some new characters on my page after this.

See you in December(October)!

To What Fans I Have xD

PerCy & MACk

2009-07-02 19:51:55 by SilverBowArts

Well after leaving college I set out to create something that I could really get some publicity from. I would love to be up there with the Newgrounds greats. I recently suggested I was going to create an animation headlined 'Knightmare' well quite frankly that fell apart as it was a college project and for time reasons it had to be reduced to a trailer and i dont know what reaction i would get for uploading it. I would rather create an animation so cool it shows my talents and abilities and how much time and effort I have put into it. Not a rushed mess.

So I welcome you to the zany adventures of office rivals Percy and Mack (Get the pun? PC & Mac). We follow the growth of the postal business 'Flair-Mail' wherein we meet the two characters Percy and Mack. Percy is as smart as a fitted tuxedo but his understanding if friendship seems to isolate him from his fellow work colleagues. Mack is a mischievous office joker. Who enjoys the age old pastime of pulling fast pranks on his favourite target Percy. As episodes develop we will see Mack's tricks become more devious and Percy's self confidence grow to meet a satsifying and explosive final episode. I am currently making a pilot episode, which is not going to be of full length it will be a small clip of how it looks how it works and how it affects the audience if I get good responses Ill get back on the drawing board.

Above is a concept of Percy as Mack is still under finalisation and production.
The pilot will be ready for release in the next month. See you soon.

PerCy & MACk

Coming Soon

2009-03-05 18:34:16 by SilverBowArts

I am currently under production of a new animation using the skills I have obtained over my course. Im not going to reveal details as of yet but I will endeavour to do so as I get closer to the finished product.

This wont be as crap as flash wars. That was just a college assignment even though its supposed to be monumentally bad I still dont consider it to be my crowning achievement.

I gathered inspiration from Tom and Dan but also Jamie Smart who draws comic strips for SLG publishing.

look him up or

Coming Soon